Smoke Wood Like a Chief.


Smoking Chips 4 Pack

Smoking Chips 4 Pack SC-MULTI
4 x 400g Smoking Chips Bags (mixed varieties)

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1x Tomahawk Oak Wood Chips, is a mainstay of the food smoking world, providing a full medium flavour which will lovingly compliment an array of foods but especially poultry, game, fish and pork. 

1x Tomahawk Beech Wood Chips if you dine out on smoked foods then you’ve most certainly eaten food smoked with Beech. It is a fantastic smoking wood for its versatility and will add a beautifully balanced flavour to a vast range of foods such as salmon, ham, sausages and cheeses. 

1x Tomahawk Hickory Wood Chips, is native to North America and will add a strong and distinct flavour. It is most commonly used for meat and gives a particularly fantastic taste to BBQ ribs. Also try it with Fish, I am sure that you will not be disappointed. 

1x  Tomahawk Cherry Wood Chips, will add a delicate sweetness to any meat but works especially well with ham and duck.



Use between ¼ to ½ a pack of Tomahawk Smoking Chips depending on the size of your BBQ or Smoker, (Tomahawk Smoker Boxes will hold approximately 200 grams of Wood Chips). Soak the chips in water or other suitable liquids such as beer, cider or wine for approximately 20 mins.

When the BBQ or Smoker is ready, drain any excess liquid from the chips and then place the Tomahawk Smoking Chips into the Smoker Box or into a foil parcel with pierced holes and then place it on to your BBQ. Once your chips start to smoke you are then ready to cook.

Smoke Wood Like a Chief.

Tomahawk Wood Smoking is a life style – exciting, alternative, unique and incredibly impressive. Smoking with Tomahawk Wood Chips and their alternative Smoking Products gives you the opportunity to try new things and impress your friends and family with imaginative way to cook and smoke your food both indoors and out. The team at Tomahawk has 15 years of experience in supplying Exciting Woods for food smoking both domestically and commercially. All materials our bought responsibly and supplied to the highest restaurant grade standards to make your experience the most enjoyable and satisfying.

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